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Embroidery and Couching - A Tale of Dexterity

  The adage ’Unity in Diversity’ is a true statement for the country like India, where the different art of embroideries is practiced in different regions for centuries. The origin of wonderful heritage of the textile tradition and the hand embroidery are the results of various rulers from all over the world and the local surroundings.The art of embroidery varies from place to place and therefore, the use of fabrics and yarns differ immensely from one another. For thousands of years back the wool, linen, and silk have been used and today along with them the rayon, cotton, ribbon and novelty yarns are also adapted to create different patterns and motifs.Embroidery and Couching can be just a technique to the...

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Tale of needle and thread

India is a nation of spectacle where the endless artworks are scattered in every nook and alley of the country from the days of ancient civilization. Different practices and religions have provided us variety of music, literature, art, and craft.Embroidery can be defined as ‘painting with a needle.’ It expresses self-originated motifs from nature and religion. The artisans embedded their sentiments and experience in their work, which reflects their tales of love and affection towards the craft. We have learned about the creative techniques of embroidery from our ancestors and keeping the traditional method intact we have modernised the art for better. The creation takes time but the result is always remarkable.Before being a part of the global art, the...

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