Embroidery and Couching - A Tale of Dexterity


The adage ’Unity in Diversity’ is a true statement for the country like India, where the different art of embroideries is practiced in different regions for centuries. The origin of wonderful heritage of the textile tradition and the hand embroidery are the results of various rulers from all over the world and the local surroundings.

The art of embroidery varies from place to place and therefore, the use of fabrics and yarns differ immensely from one another. For thousands of years back the wool, linen, and silk have been used and today along with them the rayon, cotton, ribbon and novelty yarns are also adapted to create different patterns and motifs.

Embroidery and Couching can be just a technique to the world, used for various designs and purposes, but for Niraa it is a metamorphosis of conventional stitching process to something modish and elegant. Each stitch is mindfully selected for the particular type of dress to enhance the hand embroidery designs.

Fashion, in the literal sense, is an artistry, which cannot be entrapped in a box. Niraas’ exceptional vision has proved that dictum, legitimately. The creation of each ‘Out of Shape’ garments has an exciting story to tell. The foundation of the dresses are the geometric shapes from which distinct designs have emerged. Sometimes two different fabrics are used to give an unusual feeling as a whole. The geometric patterns are designed using diverse approaches and handmade stitches.


Embroidery has humble roots and it is one of the most accessible craft from earlier generations till today. This needle painting work is used by Niraa with prudence and tenderness in the individual apparels. Niraa has used separate techniques of hand embroidery in individual apparels which have made them disparate from each other in a wide array. We have used the running stitch, herringbone stitch, blanket stitch along with chain, straight, slip stitches and more to give a perfect finishing to the seam as well as create a distinctive design in all the sophisticated garments. Niraas’ loose fit dresses unveil the creative use of all exclusive embroideries,  which has made them irreconcilable.


The varied use of couching technique

Some human natures resemble the invertebrate creatures - shy and silent, just like Mollusks. Niraa has tried to discern that untold story between the nature of those timid animals and human beings. Our phenomenal draping technique of the garment deviates the attention from the body to the person’s soul. The natural fabric augments the charisma of the wearer and multiplies the magnetism of the spirit. The unique free draping style has been more intensified with contrasting handmade couching designs.

Couching technique is used in many parts of the world in various forms. It can be used in a wide array of  cords or ribbons. In this stitching technique, a length of the thread is attached to the base fabric and at a regular interval, tiny stitches are taken over it. Couching is a nice alternative in forming the outlines, especially the loops and curves work. Basically, it can be used as freehand embroidery or the structured crewelwork. It is a great stitch to use for fragile fabric especially during metallic cross stitch. With the use of the same color, a unique stumpwork effect can be achieved, whereas if multi-color is used the fabric will give the variation of cross-stitch effect. The coordination of colors and variety of styles make outstanding art through hand embroidery.

Niraa adds an extra flare to the existing historical Couching Stitch and gives another definition to the embroidery work. Niraas’ collection has the implementation of a wide range of various couching stitches which makes each material exceptional among the rest. The chic designer dresses have got an oomph when the couching stitch is interwoven with the assorted stitches such as herringbone, cross stitch or even simple hem. Behind Niraas’ inventiveness in the area of stitches, it has been always an ingenious and versatile thought to flourish the ancient Indian embroidery technique, mixing with modish virtuosity through the excellence of stupendous designing of dresses. The journey has not only embarked to create elegance through extra-ordinary styled garments but also to explore and exhibit versatility in a wide array of hand embroidery stitches.