Tale of needle and thread

India is a nation of spectacle where the endless artworks are scattered in every nook and alley of the country from the days of ancient civilization. Different practices and religions have provided us variety of music, literature, art, and craft.

Embroidery can be defined as ‘painting with a needle.’ It expresses self-originated motifs from nature and religion. The artisans embedded their sentiments and experience in their work, which reflects their tales of love and affection towards the craft. We have learned about the creative techniques of embroidery from our ancestors and keeping the traditional method intact we have modernised the art for better. The creation takes time but the result is always remarkable.

Before being a part of the global art, the embroidery was a classic way to convey the silent words for the women. To be mentioned, the traditional Kathi embroidery of the Kathi community of Gujarat is based upon the bold and colorful motifs mingled with each other in unity. Another popular traditional embroidery is the ‘Kantha Stitch’ from Bengal, where the rustic women create the specific design of embellishment. The customary household pursuits and nature has always been depicted in the designs of embroidery.

Saga of Niraa

Niraa represents purity and simplicity through its aesthetic creation. We use hand embroidery to give beautiful details to the contemporary apparels we make, which keep them connected to the heritage, yet using the art of embroidery in a new form to fit in the modern fashion progressive world. We are a firm adherent of tradition and believe the embroideries of different parts of India are enthralling. They need to be exhibited to the world!

The embroideries created in the process of making the textile are solely hand-embroidered by the skilful artisans. Each of them has been sewn by a special technique of stitches which has made the entire collection admirable. Niraa’s fashion responsive illustrations can be found widely in the contemporary designs which we have fastened with our exclusive hand embroideries and created the timeless delineation.

Embroidery does not only represent the colors and patterns on a cloth, it is the threading of untold stories by the people who can mostly express themselves through their art. Those stories show their daily life and observation along with highly skilled art performed flawlessly. Niraa has the eternal bonding with our Indian heritage and always tries to keep her foot in the ground to sustain the soul of creative collection.