About Us

Barefoot and blissful, her feet imprint upon the meandering path before her as her dress sways serenely in the breeze. Made from the finest yarn & the color of sandalwood, it emulates a sense of rustic tranquility, the earthiness of which reflects in the budding shades of sky blue, crepe and cream.


Into the wilderness


the gems of her childhood


the soil beneath


in response

to her nascent touch;

the breeze

as it

greets her,

rustling the strands

of her

honey caramel tresses


the sun too


to glance her way


she’s the amalgamation


nature’s finest,


by the

combined efforts

of the sky, soil & the spring


comfort and captivation


melody the earth

hums as she passes by;


grace & goodwill




At the epitome of elegance and comfort, Niraa is a sustainable contemporary-wear label whose garments mirror the lusciously pastel tones of blooming flowers and sparkling waters. Handcrafted and hand-woven, Niraa aspires to stay true to its rich Indian heritage along with unveiling its subtly well designed and timeless attire. Chosen from a variety of ambient hues, these garments are an ultimate personification of relevance and utility, be it in our day dresses, tops, palazzos, jumpsuits or even capes.


These minimal, classic, drapes and clean cuts in handloom fabrics are nothing short of a luxury suited to seasons across the country and a solace against humid climates. They are prized by the efforts of artisans and their captivating crafts which have done justice to the Niraa label. Not only do these garments radiate exuberance, but have also been crafted in a sustainable environment, ensuring to revive the Indian handloom and various textiles of India. An evident selection of affection & ardour, dip into an incarnation of your ethereal- self adorning Niraa.

M.M // N i r a a.