Fabric Care

Fabric care

Handlooms may have irregularities and slight variations in the texture, colour or finish of the fabric. These are not defects but are indispensable and a characteristic of handlooms.

To make your handloom garments last longer, follow a few instructions and you are good to go.

  • You could let your garment dry in ventilated shade to keep the garment fresh for using again, before there is a need for washing.
  • Handloom fabrics often bleed in first two washes so wash them separately or check using a wet cotton swab on the seams or inside if they transfer color.
  • Hand wash handloom garments with mild detergent in cold water, do not soak for too long.
  • Rub the dirty areas gently by hand, do not use brush.
  • Do not dry handloom in machine dryer or direct sunlight, always dry them in ventilated shades. Do not use machine dryer.
  • Also, turn them inside out to retain the colour for longer.
  • Use steam iron at medium temperature for a better finish.
  • Water marks may form if fabricsĀ are put partially in water/or water is spilled and then dried.
  • Variations of Shade from 15-20 % should be acceptable to the party as it is a natural and hand process which varies from Batch to batch.
  • Handlooms move from hands to hands while shifting stages. They are made with lot of attention and love.